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Welcome to Team Apparel! Your one stop destination for all clothing print and embroidery. We provide custom clothing print services, whether it be t-shirts for a group holiday or leavers hoodies for graduating students.

A preferred brand of clothing is not an issue as we can apply the artwork on the provided garments or alternatively we can source the garments and apply the desired artwork. 


We have various solutions for applying the artwork to the garments.  (see services)


With 8+ Years in the industry you are in good hands when it comes to us at Team Apparel!


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Based locally in Surrey, UK


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Quick production times. Less waiting!




 We operate with multi-head industrial embroidery machines. Our design team is able to  digitise your logo or design in house, meaning we begin production of your order  even quicker! The benefits of using  embroidery as a solution are below: 

  • Very high quality appearance

  • Extremely durable

  • Up to 12 colours per design

  • Suitable for unprintable garments

  • Great for chest/breast logos

  • Can often outlast the lifespan of the garment

Digital Transfer/Vinyl Cut


​ We operate with the most up-to-date software allowing us to obtain  outstanding results. We have multiple printers, cutters & heat presses at our  use meaning no order is too big or small. The benefits of using digital  transfer/vinyl cut are below:

  • Huge colour selection

  • Highly durable

  • Print method for individual names/ numbers

  • Highly opaque

  • Can print ‘hard to reach’ areas





 New industry technology capable of reaching the best result  with  highly detailed logos/designs. We have the industry leading software and machinery meaning you can't get any better than our service! The benefits of using DTG are below:  

  • Retail quality

  • Minimal design limitation 

  • Soft feel 

  • Fastest turnaround times

  • High, fine resolution finish


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